"The Irrepressible Lightness and Joy of Being Communist"

Translocal Lecture Series on the Political Philosophy of Toni Negri

We want to celebrate the 90th birthday of one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th and 21st century with a translocal series of lectures. From the early writings in the frame of Operaismo and Autonomia to the broadly discussed books written with Michael Hardt, the Italian philosopher has explored multiple fields of thought and forged crucial concepts with the aim to understand the reality in order to transform it toward communism. In so doing he has contributed to the project of rethinking revolution in the present. The lecture series is meant as a collective embrace to Toni Negri and his living thought, affirming, showing and preserving the situated importance of his work for an uncertain future.

All lectures will be in English, broadcasted via audio live-stream and recorded for the transversal audio-archive.

Sandro Mezzadra / Maria Rosaria Marella
University of Bologna, 19 April, 15.00 (!)

audio live-stream via https://www.facebook.com/IntotheBlackBox


Translocal Lecture Series


Next Wednesday:
KHM Cologne, 26 April, 18.00:
Stefano Harney / Isabell Lorey
(audio live-stream: https://listento.audiomovers.com/sessions/?sess_id=619a547d2f341f57d8ee431441bc0304#c781ffde13ee59b)


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