Dear Participants and friends of Queering Wikipedia 2023
Today is day #2 of our 3 day event.
Aside from our main bi-lingual zoom sessions
(to which you can still subscribe from the main page)
or just watch over channel,
we are doing workshops and informal unconference sessions
*(to which participants can still contribute and suggest BoF style)
both today and Wednesday using FLOSS platforms:

*JITSI* (the main server, Wikimedia's version is a mess)
* <>*
*BBB* (freshly updated instance of feminist friends)

* <>*
(+alternative BBB instance via Austria)

Please make sure to have compatible browsers
(fresh chrome based seem to work reliably on desktops/mobile)
and an account registered on BBB if you present-translate.
Also consider leaving extra desktop memory for this,
having your slides both as editable GoogleSlides and .PDFs
(which are nicer to display in BBB recordings).

We might try to do simultaneous translation in
BBB and/or JITSI rather than just successive,
but if it fails we revert back to more simple-longer successive.
Josh, Andre and I will be around to help,
but none of us is fully routine in all aspects of tools.

PLEASE do join our topical Telegram group for QW2023
with topics like: #Tech support and #Queestions for speakers!

Best Z. Blace

UnConference updates so far:

@13:00 UTC on BBB
//WORKSHOP: LGBT+ and Friendliness - What Do We Need and How Do We Do *(by
User:Imcat with Josh Lim support)

@17:00 UTC on JITSI
// Questions and Answers: How Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees work?
*(Victoria Doronina)
SPECTRE list for media culture in Deep Europe
Info, archive and help:

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