We are excited to invite you to the premiere of Clemens Schölls new piece Wonderful Automated World this upcoming wednesday july 19 at 19:00. it features three crocodiles, drums, an orange 70s e-organ, eight servo motors, and a lot of electronics – all automated. (or not? that distinction is best understood by experiencing it yourself!)

the event will take place inside the current show The revolution will not be automated <https://www.art-claims-impulse.com/en/> at /Art Claims Impulse/, also featuring the fully automated puppet theater installation Of someone who went forth to find a flat in Berlin. An automation-drama in three acts — Act 3: In ultimate consequence <https://welcometomywebsite.neopostmodern.com/portfolio/von-einem-der-auszog-eine-wohnung-in-berlin-zu-finden-3-akt>.

hard facts

Premiere of Wonderful Automated World
this Wednesday, July 19 at 19:00
at Art Claims Impulse, Markgrafenstraße 86, 10969 Berlin
if you miss the premiere, don't worry: both pieces are automated installations with puppets and start as soon as you press the button. this wednesday we will be there until 22:00. after that the gallery is open wednesday through saturday from 12:00 to 18:00 and the exhibition will be on view until august 9th.


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Pierre Wolter


Pierre Wolter
Art Claims Impulse
Markgrafenstraße 86
10969 Berlin
www.art-claims-impulse.com <http://www.art-claims-impulse.com>
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