I released performance 0.2.2. Compared to performance 0.1:

* it fixes the --track-memory option, adds a new "show" command,
* enhance "compare" output (display python & performance versions, use
sample units: seconds or bytes),
* it isolates again environment variables (fix --inherit-environ
cmdline option),
* bugfixes as usual.

Version 0.2.2 (2016-09-19)

* Add a new ``show`` command to display a benchmark files
* Issue #11: Display Python version in compare. Display also the performance
* CPython issue #26383; csv output: don't truncate digits for timings shorter
  than 1 us
* compare: Use sample unit of benchmarks, format values in the table
  output using the unit
* compare: Fix the table output if benchmarks only contain a single sample
* Remove unused -C/--control_label and -E/--experiment_label options
* Update perf dependency to 0.7.11 to get Benchmark.get_unit() and

Version 0.2.1 (2016-09-10)

* Add ``--csv`` option to the ``compare`` command
* Fix ``compare -O table`` output format
* Freeze indirect dependencies in requirements.txt
* ``run``: add ``--track-memory`` option to track the memory peak usage
* Update perf dependency to 0.7.8 to support memory tracking and the new
  ``--inherit-environ`` command line option
* If ``virtualenv`` command fail, try another command to create the virtual
  environment: catch ``virtualenv`` error
* The first command to upgrade pip to version ``>= 6.0`` now uses the ``pip``
  binary rather than ``python -m pip`` to support pip 1.0 which doesn't support
  ``python -m pip`` CLI.
* Update Django (1.10.1), Mercurial (3.9.1) and psutil (4.3.1)
* Rename ``--inherit_env`` command line option to ``--inherit-environ`` and fix

Version 0.2 (2016-09-01)

* Update Django dependency to 1.10
* Update Chameleon dependency to 2.24
* Add the ``--venv`` command line option
* Convert Python startup, Mercurial startup and 2to3 benchmarks to perf scripts
  (bm_startup.py, bm_hg_startup.py and bm_2to3.py)
* Pass the ``--affinity`` option to perf scripts rather than using the
  ``taskset`` command
* Put more installer and optional requirements into
* Cached ``.pyc`` files are no more removed before running a benchmark.
  Use ``venv recreate`` command to update a virtual environment if required.
* The broken ``--track_memory`` option has been removed. It will be added back
  when it will be fixed.
* Add performance version to metadata
* Upgrade perf dependency to 0.7.5 to get ``Benchmark.update_metadata()``

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