Hi guys,

thanks for all the feedback. Here is some reaction to your suggestions
(it is rather long, but I thought the least I can do is to give some
response to your efforts):

Duncan> actually it seems to have gone fine (the firmware downloading)

Does this mean that the errors/warnings can be ignored?
    May 23 08:07:29 localhost kernel: usb 1-2: control timeout on ep0in
    May 23 08:07:29 localhost kernel: hub 1-2:1.0: config failed, can't
    read hub descriptor (err -110)
    May 23 08:07:29 localhost kernel: usb 2-2.2: usbfs: interface 1
    claimed while 'modem_run' sets config #1
    May 23 08:07:29 localhost kernel: usb 2-2.2: usbfs: interface 2
    claimed while 'modem_run' sets config #1
    May 23 08:07:29 localhost kernel: usb 2-2.2: bulk timeout on ep5in
    May 23 08:07:29 localhost kernel: usbfs: USBDEVFS_BULK failed 
    dev 3 ep 0x85 len 512 ret -110
    May 23 08:07:29 localhost kernel: usb 2-2.2: usbfs: interface 0
    claimed while 'modem_run' sets config #1
    May 23 08:07:29 localhost kernel: usb 2-2.2: usbfs: interface 1
    claimed while 'modem_run' sets config #1
    May 23 08:07:29 localhost kernel: usb 2-2.2: usbfs: interface 2
    claimed while 'modem_run' sets config #1
    May 23 08:07:47 localhost kernel: usbfs: process 1608 (modem_run)
    did not claim interface 0 before use
Is there a possibility to solve these warnings?

William> I'm using Fedora Core 1, but I'll throw in my 2 cents.  The
William> first cent is that Fedora Core 2 final is out, so you need
William> to get it.

I started the thread when using test3, but in the mean time I had
downloaded and installed the final version of FC2. In my mail of Sunday
23 May 2004 I was referring to problems with the "final" install.

William> Next, it looks like you didn't install everything from
William> speedbundle. Then again, neither did I, but you still need
William> most of it.  Are you sure that everything compiled and
William> installed?  Did you make sure to get the necessary firmware
William> (It's not included with speedbundle!)?

I didn't make/install pppd, linux-atm and kernel-module, because I
thought that they might conflict with kernel-2.6. When configuring the
kernel I selected atm, ppp over atm and the speedtouch kernel driver, so
I thought that I didn't need these speedbundle parts.

William> You need to move your pppd executables out of the way and
William> install the pppd found in speedbundle.  This will place the
William> necessary pppoatm.so plugin. But read the rest of this
William> first.

Duncan> You need a pppoa aware pppd.  The speedbundle contains one.

Frédéric> Like duncan said earlier, you need a pppoa aware pppd
Frédéric> daemon. In order to have this, you need to compile
Frédéric> linux-atm and pppd present in the speedbundle package.

OK, I will try to compile and use the version contained in speedbundle.
But how are the linux-atm and pppd "packages" in speedbundle related to
the stuff I activated in the kernel configuration? Are they a different
way to obtain the same functionality?

Frédéric> To work this around, you should (re)move all atm*.h file
Frédéric> in /usr/include/linux and replace them with those present
Frédéric> in the 2.6.5 kernel sources.

Hmmm, good that you mention this. I did not read about this problem

William> run ./configure from the root of the speedbundle directory.
William> It will tell you what values you need to fill in the
William> ppp_scripts and if you need the firmware file (you do have the
William> firmware file, right?)

I have the firmware file, and I made all the required changes in the
ppp_scripts files.

William> There is a bug in the ppp_scripts, you need to edit speedtch
William> and replace the 0.00 with your VPI and VCI numbers for your
William> service.

Sure, I did that.

William> I think that you need the kernel-source package installed, but
William> I'm not certain.

It's installed.

William> Then try to make.  If you get an error on the make, do a make
William> clean, re-./configure.  You will most likely fail on the
William> linux-atm or ppp.  If that's the case, you don't really need
William> linux-atm (someone correct me if I'm wrong; if I'm right, i
William> would suggest leaving it out anyways, I think this
William> unnecessarily writes over stuff in your existing kernel), so
William> you can make and make install on each of the directories
William> individually, leaving out linux-atm.  If you look at the
William> top-level Makefile, you'll see how it does this (you'll want to
William> copy its lines).  If the make fails on ppp, check the output,
William> it is most likely complaining about the kernel.  In that case,
William> you need to use a standard Linux kernel for the build rather
William> than the Fedora Linux kernel (don't forget to move your
William> original pppd executeables out of the way before installing the
William> new pppd).  If you don't want to mess with the standard Linux
William> kernel, this website
William> <http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/software/>, once updated
William> for Fedora Core 2, will have rpms for a kernel that is
William> reasonable close enough the standard Linux kernel to work
William> (there will be two versions of the kernel on this site, a
William> Fedora-like kernel and a std-Linux-like kernel).

I will first try with ppp only, and if that does not work also with
linux-atm. I do not understand the part on standard-Linux kernel versus
the Fedora kernel: could you explain what is the problem here? Is it the
same issue (wrong header files) that Frédéric mentioned?

As you see, I have some tests at hand ;-) I will keep you posted.



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