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Subject: [speedtouch] Re: Problems after following Debian Sarge HOWTO

> > Wich version of modem_run are you using?
> > v1.3 /v1.3.1 try to be smart (remember if the firmware was loaded or not
> > this fail in some cases). When this happen, it is bad as the only way I
> > to load the firmware really inside the modem again is to reboot.
> I'm running 1.3.1 -- but it still doesn't work even if I reboot. I am
> unplugging from the WinXP box (which works and where I have net) and
> straight into the Deb box sometimes -- is there a way to force reset
> the modem or something?
No and this is the problem, I don't know a way to reset the semaphore.
If you reset the modem (modprobe -r (your_usb_controller), modem_run don't
know the firmware is not there and refuse to load it again.
Maybe you don't see anything because modem_run is started by hotplug before
you try by hand.
If I remember well, modem_run display an explicit message stating that the
firmware is already loaded.

You may try with modem_run v1.2 but I don't know how the whole package will
install after v1.3.1 was installed.
v1.2 scripts does not support hot-plug.

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