Selon rowanjill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Unsuccessfull attempt to install SpeedTouch330 modem on Ubuntu 7.10
> using downloaded instructions.
> Problems arise with the final entries -
> sudo in -s ../init.d/dial /etc/rc2.d/S95dial &&
> sudo in -sf ppp/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf
> System will not accept 'in' on either line,
> System will not accept '../init.d/dial'     "no such directory."
Should be ln (LN) and not in (IN),
I have not Ubuntu for "no such directory." error.

You should check with visudo what operation is allowed for ln.

> Should quotation marks, double and single, be omitted from script
> entered  in text editor?
> In the section Make a Bootscript, should the letters "fi" actually be "if"?
On a bash script, each test started with 'if' should be closed with 'fi'


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