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install speedtouch

> Now, I translate in english. Sorry if it's not very well explained.
> Hello, i'm trying to install speedtouch in Ubuntu 8 and it's going to be
> imposible to me. I attach the part of syslog where you can see the error
> when the system tries to load the firmware and goes wrong.
> I have the silver speedtouch, but when I installed for the first time I
> missed and I tried the firmware of the other type of modem.

Not totally all silver modem are type 4.
The best test is using
awk '/4061/ { print $5 }' /proc/bus/usb/devices

Then if yours is really a type 4 (maybe only a few silver are not type 4),
to be certain you have the proper splitted files, you may remove
speedtch-1.bin and speedtch-2.bin and redo
./firmware-extractor ZZZL_3.012

If the wrong firmware has been attempted to be loaded, that should not
damage the modem.
Just unplug and plug again the modem, he is again ready to load a firmware.


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