the Speedtouch 516 is Ethernet terminal, it doesn't have USB  port.
so, you will not need firmware or drivers, it has it's firmware. But you will 
need and Ethernet port on your PC.
you just plug it to PC Ethernet port then configure it with the ISP settings.
you can use it on your PC directly. you don't need the router become it already 
has a NAT.

if  you have more than one PC, connect it to a "Ethernet switch" then connect 
the your PCs to the other ports of the switch.

if you have less than four PCs on ethernet (not Wifi), and you didn't buy the 
Speedtouch 516 yet, get Speedtouch 546 (it has 4 Ethernet ports) 
or Speedtouch  780 (4 Ethernet ports& wifi)

From: lux-integ <>
Sent: Monday, August 24, 2009 9:54:21 PM
Subject: [speedtouch] linux-copmpatible speedtouch  modem(s) for adsl2


I have been using speedtouch 330's  (behind a  linux-based router) since 2004 
and recently upgraded  my adsl service to adsl2.      I found the service 
does not work with the speedtouch 330.  I quick dig on the   internet and 
what I found suggested the speedtouch 516  does adsl2.  

Does anyone have a recipe for getting   the speedtouch 516  (or equivalent)  
goojng on a linux (modern kernel 2.6.30) box
  (i.e. where to find firmware,  where to put firmware, how to configure 
pppOATM or PPPOE or chap etc  etc)  for the adsl2  compitable speedtouch 

Suggestions will be appreciated.

yours sinceely

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