You can update some of the elements in your preamble.  For example, we like 
to have have the admonitions centered, so we do something like:

% Update all the admonitions we use to be centered  (not all shown here)

  \csname py@noticestart@#1\endcsname
  % Make the admonition type be upper case and on its own line
  \strong{\MakeUppercase{#2}} \\
}{\csname py@noticeend@\py@noticetype\endcsname}

There are others in there but you can see how it might

On Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 8:12:17 PM UTC-7, Fiona Hanington wrote:
> Hi there
> I want to include standard symbols in the output (PDF, HTML) of  Caution 
> and Warning directives.  How do I do this?  (At present, these are boxed in 
> the output, which is great, but I want to add the symbol too)
> Thanks!
> Fiona

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