if I want to do it ,what is the extension could I do?

在 2016年8月27日星期六 UTC+8下午10:28:48,Komiya Takeshi写道:
> Hi,
> To my knowlege, Sphinx does not have such a feature.
> And I don't know such an extension too.
> To do that, you might need to make new extension.
> Thanks,
> Takeshi KOMIYA
> 2016年8月27日土曜日 1時24分06秒 UTC+9 Jason S:
>> I'm relatively new to Sphinx and I am not using it for Python. I went to 
>> the genindex page and it is empty, because I don't have anything yet that 
>> generates index entries.
>> Is there any way to automatically add section titles to the genindex? 
>> This is 90% of what I need.

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