This is where you need to learn about LaTeX.  Those commands include the 
character '@', so you need "\makeatletter" before those commands and 
"\makeatother" after those commands.  The @ sign is a special character in 
LaTeX, so you need to tell the system that you are using it as a letter, 
then put it back into the regular mode.  I don't recall the special terms 
that I should be using here, but hopefully the point comes across.

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 1:04:29 AM UTC-7, Minkai Li wrote:
> I add this commands to my preamble,But it does not work. It can 
> not compile. I use restructuredtext and sphinx in Ubuntu environment
> 在 2016年10月12日星期三 UTC+8上午7:34:18,Peter Burdine写道:
>> You will need to add some Latex commands to your preamble.  For example, 
>> the following will make notes centered:
>> \renewcommand{\py@noticestart@note}{\py@lightbox\begin{center}}
>> \renewcommand{\py@noticeend@note}{\end{center}\py@endlightbox}
>> This will make the admonition title be upper case:
>> \renewenvironment{notice}[2]{
>>   \def\py@noticetype{#1}
>>   \csname py@noticestart@#1\endcsname
>>   % Make the admonition type be upper case and on its own line
>>   \strong{\MakeUppercase{#2}} \\
>> }{\csname py@noticeend@\py@noticetype\endcsname}
>> Modifying the PDF output of Sphinx isn't easy because you have to do a 
>> few things:
>>    - Learn enough Latex to understand the Sphinx style files
>>    - Learn enough Latex to do what you want
>>    - Figure out how to modify it using a preamble that doesn't break the 
>>    output
>> So far there isn't any general guide on how to do it.
>> On Monday, October 10, 2016 at 5:10:16 PM UTC-7, Minkai Li wrote:
>>> I am able to generate notes using the Sphinx directive .. notes:: and 
>>> .. attention::. However, the notes and the attention in html file have 
>>> a background color while those from the generated PDF don’t. How can I add 
>>> color to Sphinx-generated PDF files? Is it in

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