I think globaltoc helps you.
Please add following settings to your conf.py:
html_sidebars = {
    '**': ['globaltoc.html', 'relations.html', 'sourcelink.html', 

In detail, please see the 
document: http://www.sphinx-doc.org/en/stable/config.html#confval-html_sidebars

Takeshi KOMIYA

2016年10月9日日曜日 18時31分33秒 UTC+9 Shatnerz:
> I have a simple little side project that I thought I'd add some 
> documentation for: https://github.com/Shatnerz/ringplus
> Everything seems fine with the exception of the table of contents listed 
> on the left of the page. The items are "{Project Name}" and "Indices and 
> tables", which are the subsections of my index.rst. I was expecting the 
> items to be "Getting Started", "Authentication Tutorial", and "API". 
> Nothing I try changes anything. I am completely lost as to what may cause 
> this. I've asked on the #python and #sphinx-doc freenode channels to no 
> success.
> Is there a chance it is a dependency issue or something of that sort? I 
> tried to build the tweepy docs and I see the same issue.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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