The short answer is not in 1.4.x.  It looks like 1.5.x may have a little, 
but nothing as easy as CSS.  Start by reading through the sphinx.sty file 
(found in your latex build directory) to give you an idea of what you are 
dealing with.

It looks like you have made 6 threads all with basically the same (very 
open-ended)  question.  Customizing LaTeX content is not an easy task.  
Please start by looking at other open source project examples.  Here are 
some example projects that I have used while learning.  Note that some of 
them will have addition prereqs (either Python or LaTeX libraries).


On Friday, October 14, 2016 at 1:47:01 AM UTC-7, Minkai Li wrote:
> Sphinx generate pdf ,does this pdf has some  templates such as sphinx 
> generate html use css files 

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