* Aladdin Mhaimeed <admhe...@gmail.com> [16.02.2017 11:39]:
> I could use sphinx-build to export all docs to one pdf,
> but my target is to export each rst file to a separate pdf file in a 
> similar tree like rst tree,
> any ideas?

You could use docutils to do that; sphinx makes heavy use of it.


Under Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint, you can install it via the package
python3-docutils (or python-docutils for the legacy version). This package
includes the program ``rst2latex``, which converts a single rst file into a pdf
file. Most of Sphinx's features are supported, some are not (for example the

Personally, I use the rst2latex converter in combination with the following 

# rst2latex-Makefile:

%: %.rst
        rst2latex $< > $*.tex
        pdflatex $*.tex
        rm $*.aux $*.log $*.out

You can configure rst2latex via the file ~/.docutils, which could for example
look like this:

# File ~/.docutils:

[latex2e writer]
latex_preamble: \usepackage{units, amsmath, amsfonts, amssymb, textcomp, 
gensymb, marvosym, wasysym}

Surely, this is only a workaround, but for me it works quite well.



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