Hello! I previously posted the below question to github and was asked to 
move it to this group. Any help is much appreciated:

Hi, I recently put forward an issue on here about my html pages which was 
fixed, many thanks.

However, I've now come across something I'm not sure about. I am wanting to 
add a horizontal navigation bar to the top of my html pages that are 
created with Sphinx, however, due to the fact that I can't edit the html 
files themselves since Sphinx ignores this on 'make html', is there anyway 
i can do this without raw html code?

I have the css for 'topnav' and 'topnav2' ready to go, it's just I'm not 
sure if its actually possible to do this without writing the html in 
myself, which is no good.

I am using the sphinx_rtd_theme with a custom CSS file if that helps at all?


Environment info

OS: MacOS High Sierra
Python version: 2.7.10
Sphinx version: 1.7.0b1
Extra tools: Google Chrome

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