My project looks like this:

proj ==> root dir
proj/docs ==> sphinx build dir
proj/assets ==> images ==> repo ==> docs ==> 
converted jupyter notebooks

Problem: I use relative paths in html tags to add images to my 

<img src="../assets/figures/header.png">

The images are stored in the asses in the root directory, because they are 
also accessed by jupyter notebook and the repo-readme. 

Now when i build my docs locally, everything works fine, relative paths 
work, but when I push them to the repo (and the github pages), I get broken 
links. I tried a bunch of things, e.g. adding this to

sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath('../../'))

I don't know why it's working locally, but not online - does anyone know 
where the problem lies?

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