I have a Windows 7 VM running via Qemu on Gentoo Linux usinga product called 

I have spice tools and the QXL video driver installed

Using Virt-Viewer The Vm shows a little lag when typing(always takes a second 
to catch up when typing my password to log in and such).  In general pulling up 
folders and  text heavy web pages is pretty snappy anddoesn’t tax the cpu or 
memory at all.  Iflook at a site that has a lot of pictures I start seeing 
frame loss and themouse gets a little laggy when scrolling. If I pull up a 
video I see the cpu jump a little and the video isextremely laggy and I see 
about ever 10th frame of the video, at thesame time I lose sight of the mouse 
pointer for a second at a time and itbecomes hard to control.   

While connecting to this vm using Virt-Viewer I also noticevery low bandwidth 
usage, well below 500Kbps which is strange for a remotesession sending video 


Using Windows RDP I was able to pull up all the same videosand web pages with 
no problem, the videos were clear and ran smooth and thewebsites with a lot of 
pictures scrolled normally.  I did notice that the network traffic usingRDP was 
closer to 10mbps and spiked to 14mbps so it’s understandable that I wouldget a 
better experience.   

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