> From your description looks like the patch is reversed.

Yes, it's reversed, sorry.

> I'm not that familiar with usbredir code but looking at the code
> if usbredirparser_do_write returns 0 the server should just loop
> again.

You are right. I found this bug when I debugged the usbredir sources for 
RedHat/CentOS 7 SRPM package and it had this old code
        w = parser->callb.write_func(parser->callb.priv,
                                     wbuf->buf + wbuf->pos, w);
        if (w <= 0) {
            ret = -1;
where "w == 0" was treated as an erroneous case.
So, my patch is for the old code. I overlooked that this error was already 
fixed in 2013 the current repository.Sorry, my fault. Never mind.(Redhat 7.x 
packages sometimes are very old, though. This is frustrating...)

Regards,  Dmitriy

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