On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 11:24:29AM +0000, Frediano Ziglio wrote:
> This patch is quite huge but have some benefits:
> - reduce dependency (DummyChannel* and some RedChannelClient internals);
> - reuse RedChannelClient instead of reading from the RedsStream
>   directly.
> You can see that SndChannelClient has much less field
> as the code to read/write from/to client is reused from
> RedChannelClient instead of creating a fake RedChannelClient
> just to make the system happy.
> One of the different between the old sound code and all other
> RedChannelClient objects was that the sound channel don't use
> a queue while RedChannelClient use RedPipeItem object. This was
> the main reason why RedChannelClient was not used. To implement
> the old behaviour a "persistent_pipe_item" is used. This RedPipeItem
> will be queued to RedChannelClient (only one!) so signal code we
> have data to send. The {playback,record}_channel_send_item will
> then send the messages to the client using RedChannelClient functions.
> For this reason snd_reset_send_data is replaced by a call to
> red_channel_client_init_send_data and snd_begin_send_message is
> replaced by red_channel_client_begin_send_message.
> Another difference is the AudioFrame allocation. Previously these
> frames were allocated inside PlaybackChannelClient while now they
> are allocated in a different structure. This allows the samples
> to outlive the PlaybackChannelClient. This was possible even before
> and the client was kept alive. However having RedChannelClient as
> as base class can be an issue as this will cause the entire
> RedChannel and RedChannelClient to stay alive. To avoid this
> potential problem allocate the frames in a different structure
> keeping a reference from PlaybackChannelClient. When the client
> is freed the AudioFrameContainer is just unreferences.

No luck in adding a few more introductory patches to split this one


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