This style is used by other SPICE projects like spice-streaming-agent.
See discussion "Coding style and naming conventions for C++" at

Signed-off-by: Frediano Ziglio <>
 docs/spice_style.txt | 52 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 52 insertions(+)

Changes in v3:
- fix commit message grammar.

Changes in v2:
- more details for namespace usages;
- specify C++ dialect;
- fix class indentation.
diff --git a/docs/spice_style.txt b/docs/spice_style.txt
index f5d13642..29c1756f 100644
--- a/docs/spice_style.txt
+++ b/docs/spice_style.txt
@@ -380,3 +380,55 @@ Also in source (no header) files you must include 
`config.h` at the beginning so
 #include "spice_server.h"
+C\++ follows C style if not specified otherwise.
+The C+\+11 dialect is assumed by default. No attempts will be made to
+restrict the code to older variants of C+\+.
+For compatibility reasons don't use more recent C++ dialects.
+Method names
+Method names should use lower case and separate words with
+Namespaces should use lower case and separate words with underscores.
+Namespace blocks should not increase indentation.
+Namespaces can be nested. Namespace closing brackets for nested
+namespaces can be placed together on the same line, but for
+readability reasons the closure should specify the namespace with a
+namespace spice {
+namespace streaming_agent {
+class ClassInsideNamespace {
+}} // namespace spice::streaming_agent
+The `using namespace` construct should never be used in headers. It should
+be used sparingly in source files, and only within the body of short
+Preferred alternatives to `using namespace` include:
+* using declarations
+using spice::streaming_agent::some_class;
+* namespace aliases
+namespace ssa = spice::streaming_agent;

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