There was a thread in 2016 about moving to gitlab [0] which it
was not complete done. New projects have been started in gitlab
instead of freedesktop and without notice, some users are even
filling bugs there already [1].

[1] https://gitlab.com/groups/spice/-/issues

Some issues around this is 'how to do patch review' or 'are we
going to accept PR'. IMHO, I would like to first move the code
infrastructure there while keeping our current work flow with ML.

I would like to suggest moving from bugzilla to gitlab issues
too, in order to centralize code + issues but we don't need to do
it right away.

But I don't think the current state is okay, with code and bugs
in freedesktop + gitlab.

Please, I would love some feedback with this either way
(okay/against it). If people don't want to move, we should make
gitlab's instance a mirror (like github should be, but isn't) and
use its gitlab-ci while disabling the issues/wiki, etc. and
moving to freedesktop what was created in gitlab (spice-nsis,
streaming-agent, maybe more).

Note that I did some naming changes with the gitlab repo that was
pointed out in [0]. I'm 100% okay in moving back to how it is set
in freedesktop.


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