On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 08:40:33PM +0800, molo wrote:
> hi,
>    thx for your letter.
>    1、the client is remote-viewer, it is already built against libphodav.
>     2、and we can set the sharing folder on the remote-reviewer,
>     3、The host and client are on the same machine. and ip is

That doesn't matter. Share folder connects the client to the
guest daemon (spice-webdavd).

>     4、The service(spice-webdavd) is installed, and is running.

Which version? I'm asking because with old version you might need
to run a script to mount the folder. New version should just

>     5、In the guest, i want to acess to the shared folder,but
>     failed!(How can i resolve this problem?~~)

I can't see the images attached. What happens?
If spice-webdavd is running and you have shared folder enabled in
remote-viewer, you might be able to access the folders of your
client in your guest's browser at http://localhost:9843/

Can't say without information, what's going on.


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