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Le 01/02/2018 à 17:37, Urs Riggenbach via spip-en a écrit :
First, is there a "SPIP" way to register a route? E.g. if I want to have a pretty URl /somepage, and I want a php file to evaluate it, is there a function I can call like
new_route("Url", function)
to evaluate it? If not, I would use htaccess, but I was wondering if SPIP can 
already do this.

AFAIK SPIP way is to tweak the htaccess
AND define a dedicated new file in the 'url' subfolder
of your skelettons or plugin folder.

This file contains a set of `generer_url_article($id_article)` functions
and other used object url_functions,
along with a `function recuperer_parametres_url(&$fond, $url)` definition.

The new set of routing rules is then declared in the site's configuration page.

Not sure this fits your expectation though...


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