Australian listers...

My wife and I will be traveling to the "land down under" (when we get there, do 
we refer to the USA as the "land up over?") Hopefully I haven’t already 
offended anybody, but I digress...we will be returning from a cruise to Sydney 
Australia, specifically Circular Quay where the ship docks.  We will be staying 
overnight mid April, Wed to Thurs.  We are taking a harbor dinner cruise on Wed 
night, leaving from King Street Warf but there are a dizzying number of four 
and five star hotels in the areas we are looking at (Opera house, Darling 
Harbor).  So as not to be too far from the Warf so that we could possibly walk 
to the Warf to board our dinner cruise.  Anybody familiar with the downtown 
Sydney area that could recommend a reasonable Hotel, and/or areas to avoid 
while walking around??

Thanks in advance.

Barry and Rosanne Schwartz
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