Dear SPLASH users,

I am very pleased to announce the release of SPLASH v2.8.0. This is a major 
release, with some *cool* new features.

Download it from:

Few things worth noting:

1) giza is no longer bundled with splash, the two now have to be installed 
separately (see fresh instructions on download page)
2) source now on github, so you will need a fresh checkout if you had an old 
svn copy.
3) I fixed the MacPorts build, so this should be updated shortly

New features:
* Make 360 videos! Use the -360 or -4pi flag* (e.g.
* ascii read automagically reads column labels from header
* phantom/sphNG read chooses nearest sensible units (e.g. au or pc) by default
* splash goes grid! cactus code data read added
* kernel-smoothed particle plots of arbitrary quantities (o menu, option 4)
* Viridis, Ocean and Inferno colour schemes added
* can customise line colours with a splash.colours file
* Bondi flow exact solution
* option for ticks but no labels
* surface density plots in g/cm^2 with radius in au
* colour bar can be on top or left
* support for multi-grain dust in Phantom (and 100s of columns… thanks Mark)
* correctly identifies number of columns in ascii files with NaNs
* various minor changes and bug fixes

Finally, moving to GitHub means it is now much easier to contribute to splash - 
just let me know your username. Thanks to the eight other contributors (Mark, 
Terry, Kieran, Hayley, David, J-F, Conrad and Arnaud) who made 2.8.0 possible!

Happy splash-ing,


* 4pi is for the purists, as in four pi steradians

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