Hi Simón,

 Sorry for my terribly slow reply. You need to compile splash with “make 

Obviously for this you need hdf5 libraries installed, and then before compiling 
splash set HDF5ROOT to the directory where they were installed.

cd splash
export HDF5ROOT=/usr/local
make gadgethdf5



> On 22 Mar 2018, at 7:30 am, Simon Ferrada <> wrote:
> Hi, sorry for contacting you about a terribly simple matter but I'm new to 
> plotting SPH simulations, the thing is that I need to plot some HDF5 files 
> output from GIZMO (which is derived from GADGET) and gsplash only isn't doing 
> the work, so I was viewing the user guide of SPLASH and it had a read_data 
> routine called gsplash-hdf5 which seems to be just what I need, but it isn't 
> installed by default, how can I install it? (I'm running ubuntu linux by the 
> way). Many thanks in advance.
> Cheers,
> Simón Ferrada

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