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This is in regards to my earlier email to the list about the alleged
"seizure" of the EAM Watch website, reportedly by American Federal

I just spoke to a moderator I know who has spent a lot of time on that
website, has contributed a lot of material to it, and who regularly
participates in chat with other members of EAM Watch.  According to him,
the site owner has said that the website *was not actually seized by the
Federal government*, but was instead, shut down by the site owner himself,
for reasons that seem to be connected to an internal disagreement with a
major contributor to the website's content. (I was sent a confidential
message about this and cannot share much more).

I've also learned that the website will likely be back up by 2200 UTC today.

If I learn more, I'll let you all know. Otherwise, I think that we can all
safely assume that the Feds aren't going to come looking for anyone who
listens to and/or records encrypted and impossible to decrypt information
sent over SSB radio on the public airwaves.

Curt / W9SPY
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