Dear colleagues,
One of the issues I've raised during my Early RTG-DIR 
 of the 
draft dealt the way in which identity of the network protocol of the packet can 
be inferred when the label that represents some segment ID happens to be the 
bottom-of-stack label.

The Editors' 
was that for labels representing Prefix and Adjacency SIDs, the network 
protocol of such a packet is always either Ipv4 and IPv6. For Prefix SIDs this 
is obvious and for Adjacency SIDs IPv4 vs. IPv6 is indicated by the F-Flag in 
the corresponding IS-IS TLV (or its analogs for OSPF). This is also applicable 
for Binding SID because it refers to a specific prefix (or a range of prefixes 
from the same family).

>From my POV this response is sufficient in the context of the SR-MPLS. 
>However, it does not help in the case of Path Segments introduced with your 

One use case for the label representing a Path Segment being BoS is LSP Ping 
(RFC 8029) for Segment Routing (RFC 8287) since both IPv4 and IPv6 packets can 
follow the BoS label in LSP Ping. It is not even clear whether packets 
immediately following the Path Segment label that is BoS can be neither IPv4 
nor IPv6.

Your clarification of this point would be highly appreciated.


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