Thanks Guys for all of the responses. This will shed some more light on this 
Four weeks ago we didn't know this project existed. At the request of the owner 
we took on a "Cost Plus" project management arrangement to attempt to inject 
some sanity into the process.
The building is a Rigid Frame Steel Building...already built. There are about 
54,000 square feet of coolers/freezers inside the building...90% built out. 
There is a remainder of 20,000 square feet of office and loading dock. The 
original conceptual design was nothing more than "Dots on a Page" and a note 
calling for an ESFR Antifreeze System. There is a preliminary rack plan but the 
Coolers may only be partially racked...rack height 20'...inside height of 
coolers is 26'. We have a few areas that we can raise pipe above the ceiling of 
the coolers and distribute pipe.
My initial concepts allows for 20' of storage in rack of Class IV utilizing 
ESFR 16.8 heads with a starting pressure of 35 PSI spaced 10 x 10 flowing 12 in rack required (Florida is still using NFPA 13 2010 edition). 
Water supply is 58/54/1150...I added a 1000 GPM @ 100 PSI pump. If I run a wet 
grid I can get a 10 psi safety factor using ESFR's dropping thru the top of the 
cooler. I priced the ESFR 16.8 Heads and the owner was...well "Blown Away".
So now I'm comparing alternative concepts to compare costs. I don't want to 
sprinkle the racks because I can't tie down where they will be or how many 
there are. My main concern with the wet pipe overhead concept is the challenge 
of working in about 5 feet of clear space over the coolers along with 
distributing the pipe after lifting it up through a few openings....very labor 
I thought about the SIPA because it has fewer restrictions on 
ara/gallonage...allowing up to 1000 heads. The 30% requirement for area 
increase on PA systems may kill that idea. Straight up Dry Pipe with the 
gallonage limitations and maintenance issues may prove to be logistically 
The panels are 6" thick but may not be substantial enough to hold the weight of 
pipe and water.
At this point...I'm not seeing enough reason to change from my initial concept 
of wet pipe overhead with dry pendent heads.
Thanks, Atlantic Realty and Building, LLC
> Palm Beach Gardens, Fl
> 561-707-5150
> John W. Farabee
> V.P. Fire Sprinkler Division

 On Sunday, September 18, 2016 3:02 PM, Bruce Verhei <> 

 What is the structure of the freezer? Are the racks integral to that 
structure, or free standing? Could you support system from racks? 
Bruce Verhei
Go 'Hawks

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For once we have s post where a double interlock pre action is actually the 
proper system and our fellow forumite wants to use a single interlock. If you 
use a SIPA you'll have ice in your pipes before a head fuses. A DIPA WONT FLIW 
Wter into the piping until sprinklers are fused. 

On Sunday, September 18, 2016, 321 <> wrote:e 

I have a very large Freezer/Cooler project that I am managing. My initial idea 
on this job has been to use a Wet Pipe System above the Freezer with ESFR Dry 
Pendents (Class IV in rack to 20'). Due to the exorbitant cost of the ESFR Dry 
Pendents I'm letting my thinking expand to possibly running Single Interlock 
Pre Action inside the Freezer ...since the Freezers are already up (yeah...I 
know !!).
The ceiling panels are 6" thick and I was wondering if any of you guys in your 
history have ever hung Fire Sprinkler Pipe inside a Freezer attaching to/thru 
the panels and how?
Thanks in advance
Atlantic Realty and Building, LLCPalm Beach Gardens, Fl561-707-5150 John W. 
FarabeeV.P. Fire Sprinkler Division

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