The first issue that came to my mind was that the duct detector is frequently provided with power from the HVAC system and not from the FACU or releasing panel. I don't know the logistics of what you're dealing with or whether that issue might have some impact however that might be worth looking into. I have to admit I'd never heard of something like this. That by itself doesn't mean it's outside the listing or the guidance in -72 or -13, just that I've never run across this configuration.
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First of all, what a great convention. Good speakers and fellowship. Nashville was awesome as well. I am in serious need of some technical assistance. I have posted this a few times with some response but this has become a three ring circus between the architect ,fire marshal and us . The Architect specified a double interlock pre-action system with the detection being provided with a duct detector in the return duct at the unit. We have refused to certify the system due the fact that the detector not being listed for this application. State is asking me to hang a partial certification ( yellow tag) . has anyone else dealt with this detection being used for a pre-action system in a detention center? Any help would be appreciated

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