In California, we have a code amendment that does NOT allow the design area 
reduction for QR sprinklers in  Ordinary Hazard.  However, if you're using the 
standard unabridged, the area reduction will almost certainly more than make up 
for the cost difference between sprinklers.  If your salon (chemicals, 
definitely NOT close to Light Hazard, IMHO) or jewelry store has a 10-12' 
ceiling, you'll get 35-40% reduction and likely save a nominal pipe size all 
around ...

Steve L.

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Subject: RE: Salon - QR or SR

If it's OH SR is fine and probably even cheaper than QR.

Brian Harris, CET
BVS Systems Inc.<>

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Subject: Salon - QR or SR

Oh, Wise ones:

When designing an OH Gp II area (retail) that's really closer to light hazard 
(think salon or jewelry store), do the sprinks need to be QR, or is SR 

The easy answer is use QR and be done with it, but selecting an extended 
coverage sprink gets tricky when trying to satisfy both OH and Light hazard 

Ed Kramer
Bamford Fire Sprinkler

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