This is a follow up.  It regards the prescriptions of NFPA 5000 on use of
alternative suppression systems to sprinklers...and this impact on
exemption from construction features.

2006 NFPA 5000  -55.5.3   Construction alternatives for automatic sprinkler
systems shall not be permitted *for those portions* of buildings protected
by alternative extinguishing systems, unless equivalency is demonstrated.

The NFPA 5000 is notably more liberal on this issue than the IBC.  Sure,
IBC allows the demonstration of equivalency between an alternative
extinguishing system and sprinklers, but 2006 IBC -903.1.1 does not remind
and thus gently suggest this feature to the reader.  Further,  IBC seems to
extend the forfeiture-of-construction-alternatives throughout the
occupancy/building,  rather than the NFPA 5000 limiting forfeiture to only
those portions of the building where the alternative extinguishing agents
are located.

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