Thanks for sharing those video links Ken.

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> Bruce,
>     Your points are quite well taken.  One of the concepts for which I
> gained a better understanding during the six-story building seismic testing
> in 2012 was the real value of flexible couplings in certain locations to
> protect the sprinkler system from damage during an earthquake.  The goal
> for that protection along with the bracing and restraint is to have the
> sprinkler system still be functional after an earthquake.
>     Some of the video from that testing also reinforced the requirement in
> mandating that bracing shall not be attached to sections with
> differential movement.   It was very surprising to see how much
> oppositional movement between adjacent structural members took place during
> the testing.
>     Some of the videos are available on Youtube.  An introductory look is
> here <>.  The overall report
> video is here <>.
>     Proud to say that I was a small (on the sub-atomic level) of this
> project.
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>> I don't have 13 in front of me. But personal experience is that pipe that
>> is attached to roof, and then down to columns, racks, or (tilt-up) walls is
>> subject to breaking when the ground moves. This seemed worse when
>> attachment to one surface is rigid, i.e. Unistrut-type channel and clip.
>> Walls and racks seemed worse than columns.
>> I was quite shocked at how effective flex couplings were at reducing
>> failures.
>> Many breaks I saw were in auxiliary drain and inspector's test drops. 1".
>> While causing property damage flow would not have caused system to fail to
>> control fire. Would larger hose stream supply pipes failures cause
>> inadequate flow to remain in system?
>> Hmm. I don't know that 13 identifies a goal. Sufficient post-earthquake
>> integrity to control fire? Or very few failures causing property damage?
>> See wikipedia, Nisqually earthquake. Silty, with some layers of muck,
>> soils of the Kent valley.
>> Best
>> Bruce Verhei
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