I believe this question has been on the forum before and the question was WHY 
does one need to put sprinklers in an  oven, especially if the oven temperature 
is only 300 degrees.
Wet, dry, or pre-action, the problems are 1) the pressure rating of the 
components at the operating temperature of the oven, and 2) what happens to 360 
degree liquid water when you decompress it?

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I have a worry,
I need to install sprinklers inside an Oven that work at 300°F. I know that I 
need to use a sprinklers 360°F or high.
But this system is tie to a same roof grid. And my concern is that what happen 
with the heat, in the water, it temperature could go up to roof grid system, or 
over pressurized my pipes system. What I need to do??..
Or anyone have some recommendations??.

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