NFPA 14 (07ed)

Section 7.5.1

Where two or more standpipes are installed in the same building or section
of building, they shall be interconnected.

-*This is the horizontal feed piping shown in Figure A.7.1(a) right?*


Zones with two or more standpipes shall have at least two direct supply
pipes of a size not smaller than the largest standpipe they serve.

-*This is under the section when pumps supplying two or more zones are
located on the same level.*  *Figure A.7.1(b) shows this scenario.  Is the
fire pump and the FDC considered the two direct supply pipes or is it the
“looping” of the HZ at the upper level?  If you only had two standpipes at
the HZ would you still need to loop it? *


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