This question goes past the one I just posted. This question assumes an
attic with mechanical equipment in it is OHI.

So, in an ordinary hazard attic, does regular OH design? After all, the
increased start pressure only applies to light hazard CC spaces. There's
nothing different specified for OH. Therefore, in a LH attic spaced 15'x8'
the remote sprinkler demand is 14.8 gpm at 7 psi, with a 5.6K sprinkler.
Spaced 10'x12' the remote sprinkler demand is 25.0 gpm at 20 psi. In an OH
attic spaced at 130 sq.ft. the remote sprinkler demand is 19.6 gpm at 12.1
psi. It seems strange that a LH attic would have a higher remote sprinkler
demand than an OH attic. Am I missing something in the code that allows
that to happen?
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