Opinion: Attics are light hazard but seem to have become something between
light and ordinary (probably a good thing). So if it's emptyish it's an LH
with the attic modifications. If there's stuff in it that makes it OH, it's
OH. Kind of like when does a platform used as a stage actually turn into a

On Thursday, October 13, 2016, James Litvak <jameslit...@gmail.com> wrote:

> This question goes past the one I just posted. This question assumes an
> attic with mechanical equipment in it is OHI.
> So, in an ordinary hazard attic, does regular OH design? After all, the
> increased start pressure only applies to light hazard CC spaces. There's
> nothing different specified for OH. Therefore, in a LH attic spaced 15'x8'
> the remote sprinkler demand is 14.8 gpm at 7 psi, with a 5.6K sprinkler.
> Spaced 10'x12' the remote sprinkler demand is 25.0 gpm at 20 psi. In an OH
> attic spaced at 130 sq.ft. the remote sprinkler demand is 19.6 gpm at 12.1
> psi. It seems strange that a LH attic would have a higher remote sprinkler
> demand than an OH attic. Am I missing something in the code that allows
> that to happen?

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