All this to-do about PEX and someone recommended polypropylene?   Anyway, good 
that you can run it exposed – you going to use seamless SS?

Happy Friday everyone …


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Subject: Re: Monolithic domes

Well problem solved... Went to a descope meeting and found out we can install 
everything exposed and surface mounted. CPVC is obviously out since top run it 
exposed you need a smooth flat horizontal ceiling...

Before the meeting another person had recommended aquatherm

On Monday, October 10, 2016, Mike Cabral 
<<>> wrote:
REHAU Had a complete line of fittings for installation of PEX fire sprinkler 
systems imbedded in concrete which is used in the UE.

It was used in systems beyond 13D. Check with them might be able to work 
something out with them.

Mike C

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On Friday, October 7, 2016, 11:25 AM, rongreenman . 
Isn't PEX used as the piping in heated floors where you would have a large 
change in temperature from winter (using it to halt the floor cum building, and 
summer where you wouldn't?

On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 6:31 AM, Steve Leyton 
<<>> wrote:
I think an investigation of the potential for thermal expansion would be 
prudent. The applications I described topped with 3-8 feet of earth, so 
temperatures were stable year-round.  But PEX is designed to expand and 
contract without loss of structural integrity, so it's well suited for 
embedment in concrete.


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I thought about PEX as well Steve, its no four letter word for me.  At least 
with the CPVC we can comply with the pipe requirements from NFPA 13, which 
would require less 'selling' than PEX use.  Although as Mark points out about 
thermal expansion, PEX does have a lower rate of I think about an inch per 100 
feet.  Because the concrete acts as a thermal sink and they are insulated on 
the outside, I think the temperatures inside are incredibly stable.  The 
Wikipedia page for these things makes them sound incredibly attractive for 
almost any building type, but there are some drawbacks.

I'm just really surprised at the complete and utter lack of information on 
sprinklering these except for the one I posted.

Benjamin Young

On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 10:41 PM, Steve Leyton 
<<>> wrote:
Listed PEX A and I think the sprinklers were screwed right into the branch 
fittings because we only needed 30 minutes per UL 1821. If you really need the 
details, I have to look at my technical report and may not be able to do that 
for a couple days as I'm taking a long weekend.

Wine caves are a little different than overhead domes because we ran a CPVC 
main down the corridors under the floor and branched off with 1" PEX that 
wrapped halfway around the vault serving a single sprinkler. The CPVC was 
directly buried and the floors were made of hand-laid stone on a sand bed.

But I think you could drop to the sprinklers with CPVC or even use PEX because 
I'm not as worried about protecting piping that has a sprinkler between it and 
the heat source as I might be concerned about a piping span that's between 


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If I may ask, was that PEX A or B and how were the last bit of drop piping 
handled where the sprinklers screwed in?

Allan Seidel
St. Louis, MO

On Oct 6, 2016, at 3:32 PM, Steve Leyton 
<<>> wrote:

It’s a dirty word on this Forum to some, but I would consider looking into PEX 
tubing if you can get it to work hydraulically.  The challenges with PEX are 
smaller ID and temp/pressure rating.   However, PEX can easily be attached to 
the formwork for concrete or Gunnite and we have used it with great success in 
wine caves out here on the Left Side.    Aggregate concrete has a fire 
resistance rating that can be extrapolated as about 22.2 minutes per inch and 
I’ve done tech reports for two wine cave applications where we obtained 
equivalency approval for this application.

Steve Leyton

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Repairing buried CPVC branch lines sounds like fun.

Maurice Marvi
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Subject: Monolithic domes
Does anyone have any information at all about putting sprinklers in a concrete 
monolithic dome?
I was able to find one article about it at the monolithic dome institute's 
website here: onstruction/sprinklers/index.h 
Looks crazy, but also interesting.

Benjamin Young

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