What would you consider to be an excessive air leak rate for dry or preaction 
How many psi per day?

An acceptance test for a new system requires less than 1.5 psi in 24 hours. 
That's pretty tight.

NFPA 25 allows 36 psi in 24 hours for the 3 year test. That seems pretty loose.

It looks like NFPA 25 changed it in 2008 from 10 psi per week, which is 1.5 psi 
per day, to 36 psi per day. That's a pretty drastic change.

Would it help if you were notified that the air leak rate is increasing or 
approaching the maximum allowable rate?

How do you know that you have an excessive air leak?
When someone complains about the compressor running all the time?
When the compressor burns out?
When/if you conduct a 3 year leak rate test?
When you go to investigate low air supervisory signals?

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