Is there a structural PE on the project?

I have worked on projects (in non-seismic areas) where the structural PE did 
not allow for piping to cross expansion joints and others where they required a 
flexible joint.  These issues were more prominent in tall industrial buildings. 
 One job in particular was a 70ft high distribution centre where a slight 
movement at the ground level translated in something more than slight 70ft up.


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In structural terms and by definition, an expansion joint is not a seismic 
joint.  HOWEVER, they come in different flavors and may be subject to 
differential movement.   Because we're in the heart of seismic country, we have 
to deal with seismic joints and bracing and flexibility and clearance 
requirements so those all generally supersede and we tend to ignore "expansion 
joints" in our designs.  But I'd love to hear from some code-savvy people in 
other (not-so-seismically-active) parts of the country.   Is John Drucker on 
the line?


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Subject: Building Expansion Joints in NON-seismic Areas

The only reference to expansion joints I can find in NFPA 13 is within section 
9.3 "Protection of piping WHERE SUBJECT TO EARTHQUAKES". So, if I'm not in an 
area that is subject to earthquakes, can I ignore the building expansion joints?

Usually I still add a flexible coupling just to be safe, since it isn't a huge 
impact. However, I've been questioned before about whether the flexible 
coupling can allow sufficient movement to accommodate the expansion joint. Is 
this something I should be losing sleep over?

Keep in mind, I'm talking about areas where seismic bracing is NOT required.


-Kyle M
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