Isn't the CRR based on the actual remaining wall thickness at the root of the 
first exposed thread outside of a fitting? So if you're not threading it, it 
should theoretically have a CRR greater than 1.0. Also, I believe the term 
Standard wall pipe in 10" diameter refers to schedule 30.

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It has always been my understanding that the corrosion resistance ratio 
benchmark of (1) is based on threaded schedule 40 steel, so I believe any other 
pipe type would have a better or worse ratio, but not the same.

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Anyone know of 10in non-sch40 pipe that has a CRR of 1?  Have a project where 
the EOR is insisting on this.  They also have a 100lb maximum point load per 
hanger…..but that is a conversation for another day!

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