Are you saying that if I put a control valve for the standpipe feed at the
riser manifold and the FDC is connected to the riser manifold that I must
also connect the FDC downstream of the standpipe feed control valve?  Is
that in 14?  I have had a couple of AHJ’s make me put a control valve in
over the years and I didn’t know it was wrong.  I thought it was just like
the individual system control valves on the manifold.

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What Larry said..

And there can’t be any valves between the FDC and the FDV’s on the
standpipe unless you have more than one standpipe and have isolation valves
at the base of each standpipe so you can’t take them off the riser
manifold, for example.


The requirement is from NFPA 13, not from NFPA 20. Here is the text from
NFPA 13-2013:  Fire department connections shall not be connected on the
suction side of fire pumps.

Larry Keeping

I have always installed FDC's on the discharge side of fire pumps.  Looking
through 2013 NFPA 20, I don't see anything precluding the instillation on
the supply side.  Is the FDC allowed to be installed on the supply?

I have a contractor that has installed the FDC on the supply run-in,
instead of stubing up a secondary line from the remote FDC.


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