I respectfully disagree.  The most common application of a 3-hour separation 
that we see in the Southwest is the horizontal separation of the residential 
portion and the S/B occupancies in podium buildings.  In those instances we 
ALWAYS have a single system, whether it’s configured as separate sprinklers and 
standpipes or a combined system.


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Sometimes a 3-hour rated wall is the boundary between two separate buildings in 
the code sense. If that is the case then the pipe should not be a sprinkler 
system protecting one building that is crossing over to protect all or part of 
the other building.

Allan Seidel
St. Louis, MO

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Is there anything that precludes passing pipe thru a 3-hour rated wall? I don’t 
see anything in 13 that says you can’t, we’d obviously fire calk the holes.

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