Wow. You have a bonfire, smokestack and a high-rise all rolled into one. 
Presumably, because this seems from the description to be almost an all wood 
structure (I cannot imagine how an all wood structure could transfer the 80’ 
overturn moment at a 25’ square base.), you have sprinklers underneath 
everything, including the stair flights as they go up. You cannot figure 
flowing the whole thing, so what do you figure flowing? For starters lets say 
there is a fire inside at some arbitrary elevation. 

For that one fire at the arbitrary elevation there are sprinklers underneath 
every surface, including the stairs (Let us hope the treads have risers.), 
immediately above the fire. A least those sprinklers should be considered 
flowing. Now what about any more sprinklers flowing? Maybe you rule out the 
ones below the fire. The decision at this point is what sprinklers above to add 
to the ones flowing. This depends on the construction, like if there is a clear 
opening up through the middle, but even if that is the case there would be some 
arbitrary fire elevation near the top where it is obvious what other sprinklers 
should be considered flowing.

Now, how does that number flowing compare to what an NFPA 13 design area might 
flow? In other words apply an insanity check from a different angle. 

I guess you are not also running a standpipe up this high-rise structure. 
Perhaps this sprinkler system does not become the lightning protection system. 
There is one very carefully engineered lightning protection system being 
installed, right?

Allan Seidel
St. Louis, MO

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> There is a landing at each of 11 levels, the stairs are in the center of the 
> tower, with some additional floor space at each landing. The whole thing is 
> of combustible construction so we have sprinklers at each level. It is more 
> an 11 storey tower than a continuous shaft.  Also, it is not heated, so we 
> have a dry system to feed all the sprinklers.
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