Your code classifies duplexes as multi-family and the attached garages as 
parking structures?  Methinks you’re applying the building code to a building 
that’s governed by the Residential Code.   Or does Florida amend the IBC in 
that regard?    Private garages that are accessible from the dwelling unit are 
considered part of the dwelling unit in both the IBC and IRC, in both single 
and multi-family housing formats.   The IRC and NFPA 13D except the garage from 
fire sprinkler protection, but neither excludes closets, especially if they 
contain heat-producing equipment.   The standard doesn’t speak to WHERE the 
closets are, except for exterior closets that are excepted because they aren’t 
conditioned and are subject to freezing.

For whatever it’s worth, the requirement to sprinkler garages isn’t enforced by 
“some AHJ’s”; it’s in our amended code and is mandatory statewide.   This was a 
favorable trade we made with homebuilding industry stakeholders – in exchange, 
you don’t have to use more expensive Type X drywall unless there’s living space 
above, and then it’s the lid only.   Also, the door between the house and 
garage doesn’t have to be fire rated, so the overall cost savings in building 
materials pays for the added sprinklers in the typical 2-car garage.

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More information :
Code analysis says the residential area are R-2 and the Parking level is S-2. 
The Florida Building Code seems to indicate S-2 as a public parking garage and 
when enclosed (which this is) requires protection. Additionally S occupencies 
located below any other type of occupied space seem to require sprinkler 
I do believe that the Florida Building Code does allow for the living floors to 
be protected per NFPA 13D though.
So if this is the case, the sprinkler system in the garage would over ride some 
13D omissions like monitoring and an FDC.
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On Feb 9, 2018, at 3:13 PM, Parsley Consulting 
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I'm not sure the reference to 8.3.8 would apply.

First, John mentioned he was working with the 2010 edition of 13D. That edition 
doesn't contain this language.

Second, if John were working with the '16 edition then 8.3.8 would not apply in 
my opinion as the "storage areas" are not exterior, and are only accessed from 
inside a portion of the dwelling unit.

just my thoughts,
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On 02/09/2018 11:56 AM, Fire Design wrote:
If it's a 13D system then:
13D 8.3.8    Sprinklers shall not be required in closets in garages and 
exterior closets (regardless of size) located on exterior balconies,
exterior breezeways/corridors, or accessed from outdoors where the closet does 
not have doors or unprotected penetrations directly
into the dwelling unit.

Is the building classified as an R-3 occupancy? The '13' reference on the code 
analysis page might be a mistake if it is but you can always give the architect 
a call to see if that's the case. Otherwise I agree - this layout looks a 
little odd for a 13D but it is what it is unless the local ammendments have 
anything to add to the situation.



On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 12:15 PM, Paul Cetani 
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This is pretty cut and dry here in Nor Cal. We have to sprinkler garages for 
most of our homes due to local AHJ requirements. 😊
Even if you sprinkler the garage, still seems like 13D to me.

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Subject: Abuse of 13D?

Ok someone help me make an argument that this is not a 13D installation. This 
is the garage level of a two family home. However, the units are stacked on top 
of each other. Both units share a single lead-in (also shared with domestic). 
13D 2010 is pretty clear that garages are not sprinklered. Code analysis page 
references NFPA 13 and not 13D. Sprinkler “engineered” page calls for 13D and 
shows no floor control on the garage level. (I think at a minimum the storage 
rooms need sprinklers as the garage exception is just for the garage)

What say you smart people?


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