If you're totally at a loss, Google K17 ESFR and you'll get a list of various 
manufacturers who make various types of ESFR sprinklers.

I'm confused why so many don't use the tools available such as Google searches 
when this resource is there, it's fast and costs nothing.  I never mind helping 
out someone who is stuck on an issue but I really want to know that they've 
tried to investigate and do some research in an attempt to better educate 
themselves and improve their understanding of their trade.  I'll spoon feed 
once or maybe twice, after that you'll either start foraging for yourself or 

Bookmark the major manufacturers in your web browser for fast reference and 
especially those who were more difficult to find.  It saves a bunch of time 
when trying to find out about who makes r sells what.  Also signup for 
newsletters and product updates.  You'll get emails on the release of the 
latest and greatest inventions pertaining to our focus.

I'd also be curious why the specific reference to a K17 and NOT a K16.8.  There 
is no difference.

Sorry if this may come across as harsh and good luck on your search, we're 
still here to help, we might just fuss a bit before jumping in.

Craig L. Prahl
Fire Protection Group Lead/SME
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CH2M is now Jacobs.
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Subject: Help Finding ESFR upright greater than K17 [EXTERNAL]

Good morning all.  I am looking for an expert in ESFR sprinkler heads to help 
me find a ESFR upright head with at least a K factor 17(not 16.8).  There does 
not seem to be other companies that make these ESFR other Tyco. Please let me 
know.  Thanks.

Jeffrey Polke

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