Sorry but I didn’t jump down anyone’s throat.  Re-read my post.

But vague posts with minimal information lead to a lot of conclusions and as 
was evidenced, unrelated answers.  This ain’t Twitter, and there’s no charge 
for using more letters to form your sentences and give a little more background.

So, once again and as stated before, we ARE here to help but help us with more 
info so we can better help you.

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Bruce and Craig,

Before you guys jump down someone’s throat and badger them maybe think for a 
second that they aren’t a fire sprinkler expert or even in the field at all. 
For all you know he owns a business and maybe is second guessing a contractor 
(we all know there are bad ones out there) or getting conflicting information 
from multiple contractors and is trying to educate himself so he doesn’t get 
ripped off. A quick search from of his email address leads me to believe he 
works for  GCI outdoor which looks like an outdoor product company.  You guys 
all need to understand it can be intimidating posting on this forum sometimes 
and when you start to attack someone it only discourages others who have never 
posted from ever posting something. Everyone of us started in this business not 
knowing ANYTHING, this forum should be used as a tool to help/educate each 
other on fire safety, we are all in the business of protecting and saving lives 
not beating someone up who might be new to the business.

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I don’t understand how designers with sufficient experience and expertise to 
design an ESFR automatic fire sprinkler system wouldn’t be able to know who 
manufactures the product you describe. ESFR systems can be effective. Design of 
ESFR systems also have complicated criteria. Failure to understand and apply 
the criteria can lead to a litany of problems.


Bruce Verhei

On Feb 12, 2018, at 08:30, Jeff Polke 
<<>> wrote:
Good morning all.  I am looking for an expert in ESFR sprinkler heads to help 
me find a ESFR upright head with at least a K factor 17(not 16.8).  There does 
not seem to be other companies that make these ESFR other Tyco. Please let me 
know.  Thanks.

Jeffrey Polke

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