That is a very involved question - offhand, I am curious how the pump could be 
'too high pressure' for smaller k factor sprinklers. Most sprinklers have 
similar maximum operating pressures - k factor does not usually play a role 

There are so many variables here, it could be that  your designer just did not 
communicate them all to you. I think your best bet here is to iron it out with 
your design guy until you are satisfied and comfortable, or hire a 3rd party to 
review his work. If you are going to spend this much money on a system that 
will protect all of your stored goods, I would recommend paying a consultant 
who can carefully review all the details.

The sprinkler forum is great - but you have a lot on the line to ride it all on 
free advice from an email chat.

Good luck with your project!


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Subject: RE: Help Finding ESFR upright greater than K17

That is true.  No one has come forward with what I requested as of yet.  My 
need is specific as I am purchasing a used diesel split case pump that is 2000 
gallons per minute and my sprinkler design guy claims the pump is too high 
pressure for ESFR sprinklers heads that have a k factor of 16.8 or less.  So I 
have to use upgraded high pressure fittings as well as Upright heads that have 
a high Kfactor.  This is for high pile warehouse storage 30,000 sqft 20 foot 
stred racks. Any help here?

Jeffrey Polke

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Subject: RE: Help Finding ESFR upright greater than K17

Just to clarify, in case anyone wasn't aware, the referenced EC storage 
sprinklers, Tyco TY9128 and the Viking V595, are not ESFR sprinklers.
They are CMDA / CMSA standard response.

Larry Keeping

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Subject: RE: Help Finding ESFR upright greater than K17

Most of the responses do not seem to have answered your question if you are 
specifically looking for an upright ESFR sprinkler.

To my knowledge, the K17 Tyco TY7126 is the biggest upright ESFR unless you go 
Extended Coverage K25: TY9128 and Viking VK595.
If you can go standard response (CMSA) then there are more choices. K17: 
TY7153, TY7151, VK580 and Reliable RA1124.  Then K25 VK598 and Victaulic V4603.

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From: Jeff Polke []
Sent: Tuesday, 13 February 2018 5:30 AM
Subject: Help Finding ESFR upright greater than K17

Good morning all.  I am looking for an expert in ESFR sprinkler heads to help 
me find a ESFR upright head with at least a K factor 17(not 16.8).  There does 
not seem to be other companies that make these ESFR other Tyco. Please let me 
know.  Thanks.

Jeffrey Polke

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