When the liquids are taken out of the cabinets, what is done with them?  Is 
there any dispensing going on within the area where they are stored?  

Storing them in a cabinet may not drive the design criteria but how and where 
they are used once taken outside the cabinet can certainly affect your 

You also need to know what size are these containers?  Are they 1 gallon pails 
or 55 gallon drums?  What classification of materials are they, class I 
flammables or Class III combustibles?  

Are these vented or non-vented cabinets?  Another issue to contend with.

If these are incidental volumes used in a lab where small quantities are 
removed and used then OH2 may be appropriate.   

All these things need to be analyzed before you determine the design criteria.

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IFC 2012 Table 5003.1.1 gives the maximum allowable quantities of flammable and 
combustible liquids per control area.  If the liquids are stored in approved 
cabinets you can increase the volume by 100%.

I am trying to determine the proper sprinkler design for areas that contain 
flammable and combustible liquids that are stored in approved cabinets.  NFPA 
13, 2010 edition states that occupancies with moderate to substantial amounts 
of flammable or combustible liquids shall be designed to Extra Hazard Group 2 
(5.4.2).  However, I am confident that because the liquids are in cabinets that 
this space would not be designed to EH2, but I can't find any verbiage that 
explicitly says so.  I believe Ordinary Hazard Group 2 is adequate but I need 
to document from the codes and standards my reasoning.

Can anyone point me to a code or standard section that states that if flammable 
or combustible liquids are stored in approved cabinets that you basically don't 
have to account for their presence?...at least I believe that is the intent so 
please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you.

Reed Roisum

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